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Fundshop was already offering help from experts on life insurance and savings investments. ASV’s funds now enable us to build robust algorithms to make the process fully automated and thus much more efficient and data-driven.

Léonard de Tilly, co-founder and CEO of Fundshop know more

Particeep is building the industry-standard SaaS solution for crowdfunding platforms in France. Thanks to ASV, we can now offer our clients the insurance policy they need and enable the financing of great projects.

Steve Rogue, CEO of Particeep know more

We are proud to partner with AXA Strategic Ventures and bring our solutions to many more travelers in Europe and worldwide.

Alexander Mans, co-founder and CTO of Flyr know more

We are excited to work with ASV to capitalize on our growth and bring the insurance industry into the 21st century. This financing will enable us to accelerate PolicyGenius’ growth by strengthening its existing product lines, refining individual insurance quoting engines and scaling its marketing and production teams.

Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO of PolicyGenius know more

There is a tremendous opportunity for the right technology solution to reduce unnecessary administrative tasks and inefficiencies in workflows. ASV as a partner within the insurance industry shares our vision for changing the way insurance does business, focusing our valuable resources on people, not paperwork.

Jason T. Andrew, CEO and co-founde of Limelight Health know more

With this investment from ASV, we will be poised to reach even more parents, teachers and leaders in our schools and communities.

Karen Bantuveris, founder of VolunteerSpot know more

ASV investment will allow us to develop its portfolio of exclusive co-productions of connected objects and innovative design, and to position our new selling platform, ArtJaws, dedicated to artworks and artists’ limited editions, as a major player on the online art market

Anne-Cécile Worms, CEO of Art2M know more

Opportunities are growing faster, in Germany, in Russia or in Switzerland. Partner with AXA has been a really good choice for us.

Loïc Galvier, Co-founder of Easypropriétaire know more

With Widmee, we want to build a ‘Full Stack’ in the mobile experience, from the lead generation to the souscription end the online payment.

Minh Q Tran, General Partner @ ASV know more

We believe that mobile technology will reduce the financial and emotional cost of banking for our customers.

Vinay Patel, CEO of Bee know more

We are convinced that blockchain technology has the ability to transform not only financial services but also other industries. Blockstream has one of the best technical team in the industry and we strongly believe in their approach of developing foundational infrastructure for various blockchain applications. We also look forward to partnering with Blockstream to drive the transformation of insurance and asset management businesses.

Francois Robinet, Managing Partner @ASV know more

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AXA S.A. is a French holding company for a group of international insurance and financial services companies, including AXA Financial Inc. AXA Strategic Ventures is an international strategic initiative involving multiple companies within the AXA S.A. global family of companies. In the United States, “AXA” serves as the brand name of AXA Equitable Financial Services, LLC and its family of companies, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10104.