Crowdfunding platform as a service.


Particeep is a SaaS solution providing financing operators an easy tool to build and manage their own platforms for donations, loans and equity fund campaigns. The startup also offers an innovative crowdfunding insurance policy to its users.

In October 2014, just one year after the startup was launched, ASV invested €360,000 in Particeep in order to enable the platform to build its insurance offer, custom-made to protect investors in crowdfunding platforms. Particeep now offers its solution to two platforms in France and Belgium, where crowdfunding is a highly growing and promising sector, encouraged by public policy.

Particeep is building the industry-standard SaaS solution for crowdfunding platforms in France. Thanks to ASV, we can now offer our clients the insurance policy they need and enable the financing of great projects.

Steve Rogue, CEO of Particeep

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