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Founded in 2015, Wellth partners with insurers, Accountable Care Organisations (ACO) and Self-insured employers to provide research-based behavioural incentives for members to better manage their chronic conditions. Wellth helps insurers identify the appropriate member populations and what incentives could drive the most cost-effective means of lowering health costs.


Using the Wellth app, insurers provide micro-incentives to reward positive daily habits, and, once those habits have led to measurable health improvement, more substantial rewards may be bestowed based on the amount of improvement achieved.

 The WellthApp is a mobile application that makes it easy for target populations to start and maintain healthy habits such as pill adherence or glucose monitoring. Tracking and verification occur through the patient’s smartphone camera--users can quickly snap a picture of a pill in their hand and the time and date will be logged within the app. 


Many times, patients leave a hospital and fail to follow the instructions given by caregivers and unfortunately caregivers are often not able to follow up with every patient’s activities. Using Wellth, patients can keep track of their medical activities with the application and that information is shared with primary caregivers.

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